"INTUITIVE IMAGINATION" is a one man band with 3 voices and one spirit. The primary focus of the band is HIP HOP with influences of ROCK, R&B, SOUL and DOO WOP. "BeUpOne aQueena" is the band leader, the voices and the spirit. He specializes in hip hop (rap). He is also an entrepreneur and multimedia mogul. BeUpOne aQueena is married to Queen aQueena, a female warrior of spirit and not of flesh. BeUpOne and Queen aQueena are one. "Rapture" is a band member and a baptist priest, with a lyrical raspy undertone. He lives in the vocal cords of his master (BeUpOne aQueena). "Scientists" is the finale of the band. He is a scientist of all scientists and is instinctively knowledgeable of all things. He lives in the mind of his master (BeUpOne aQueena) and is constantly provided food for thought. "INTUITIVE IMAGINATION" does not play instruments as a typical band. We create with the word of God that continually comes out of our mouth. We also work with many different producers and beat makers online and abroad. Purchasing beats online from different websites, producers, musicians or beat makers is our normal function. Our foundation is built on other foudations and with other foundations. However all of our songs are written, recorded, produced, performed, mixed and mastered by us (||). Any and all other contributions are always acknowledged. We are three voices of one spirit and one body. All from one, and one for all.